The Imaginative Mindset

We are who we are. We can be influenced, but that influence does not change us. We change us.

Thinking about it I really love to take pictures… But honestly, i am so at odds with my body that i wouldn’t dare share any of them… hopefully that changes at the end of this.

Btw I’m eligible to go back to college this upcoming spring semester…. And I’m seriously thinking about thinking about transferring to the University of North Texas… Can anyone tell me about it? 

This is hard…. Being home after having went to Sam Houston… I’m in a community college (which isn’t a negative thing but I always told myself I would spend all 4 years at Sam) and I have a job that I seriously break my body for…. (And I have not once gotten paid on time) And on some real shit… I’m lonely as fuck.. I have a few friends here inn town and I have my family, but I’m the other kind of lonely…. I haven’t been on a date since Valentine’s day… I just hope my life turns around… 

Partynextdoortwo has been playing in the background of everything in my life…. at work, at school, in my car, seriously just everywhere

hey everybody… Life is getting more and more hectic. but  the consistency is coming back.